Vinyl-Lined Pools

Our designers are here to help you create a backyard paradise without breaking the bank. An in-ground vinyl swimming pool can add value to your home and years of enjoyment.

Why Choose A Vinyl-Lined Inground Pool?

Vinyl liner pools are the most economical choice of all the different types of inground pools, making it the most common. Another key feature of a vinyl pool is the customization that you can do. You can build a vinyl liner pool and make it any shape, size, or depth that you want. And in 8-10 years, when you need to replace your liner (that is a good rule of thumb for the lifespan), you can choose a new color or pattern, as they are constantly coming out with new products to stay on trend. Even with replacing the liner, the cost is considerably less than other inground pool options.

Latham Pool Products is the largest manufacturer of inground residential swimming pools and components in North America. When Latham says that they stand Behind Every Pool, they mean it. Latham inground liners are available in 20 and 27 Mil material, and through their family of brands, they offer over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs.

Our Partners

We are committed to giving you the best products and services, and part of that is partnering with the right companies in the industry. We work hand in hand with these companies to make sure we stay up to date on the latest innovations and installation techniques.

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